Monday, 8 June 2015

Aspiration, Inspiration and Expiration - (Part 2 of 3: Inspiration)

'Aspiration, Inspiration, and Expiration

Quite awhile now, I've always thought inspiration came from the people of the world that inspired many with their amazing stories; people who lit up the eyes of many, people who touched the heart and souls of the audience with such awe. I've always wanted to be that person, the person who could touch the hearts of many with comforting words, mend the pain and questions that lingered. But of course, how could I do so with so many temperamental issues that I, myself couldn't even figure out with such frustration

For many years I have been dealing with the same ol' problems, same ol' arguments with myself and with family, friends and people of all areas of life. Slowly, I started to lose inspiration, slowly I started to doubt myself. - That's the worse thing you could ever do, the lost of inspiration and trust in our own hearts, the truth should belong to us, to remained lit with awe.

I've always told myself; to inspire the world, you must learn to inspire yourself. And for awhile I thought that inspiring myself through endless contemplation and thinking over and over again, that it would help motivate me. That at some point in my life, I would get up and do it. But of course, with thought, takes physical effort. Many times I've tried, for many I've always thought motivation was the key to inspiration.

After awhile, I was contradicting my own efforts to try harder than I should, to push through when needed. After reading articles after articles and still not being able to take action, I wanted answers, I've asked the all mighty universe for help, but of course, it was solely answered. It takes action to realize satisfaction, to realize that discipline will allow such constant inspiration to sink in.

Realizing such ideas came from a place of spiritual advisement. I was invited to my favourite place to be, the temple. Most people would question my idea of places to favourite, but believe me, this place feels like home to me. My family, my spiritual family who seek the truth in all religions, all creeds, and all truths. We do not discriminate, we do not push away, we welcome with open arms. It took me awhile to find a home like this, but now that I've found it, it's apart of my inspiration to take action.

With such introduction to such a place, the answers that came to me acted as inspiration as a figure of reminder, sometimes inspirations comes in pieces of reminder, pieces of reassurance that you're on the right path to your sole purpose in life. Leading such a mission alone, you're never truly alone. Inspiration comes from the peers that support you through such dark times, inspiration comes from the unconditional love of others willing to help, to share and to love. It's a way in which we learn.

From experience, I realize, always seek inspiration - every time of every day, seek inspiration. Seek it wherever your heart finds it, even if its from your cat, your dog, talking to yourself, going for walks or starring at the bright moon, the peers of your life, the stories in which you read. FIND IT, and love it. captivate it with such awe and appreciation for such wisdom.

Inspiration isn't constant if you stand in one place, if you run with it, swiftly flow with it, then, inspiration is constant.

Change is always required for inspiration, inspiration is required for change. 

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