Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Two Decades and One Year, The Specialness of One (P.2)

Day 82 of 366

Daughter’s Concert (Toronto: Danforth Music Hall – 3.8.16)
One thing that excited me the most was Daughter’s concert – at first, I almost didn’t end up going. I felt as though the universe literally force me to go, considering I asked the universe “if it was meant to be, I’d be able to go!” (weird as I am, it’s true.)
I found out quite late about the concert (happened March 7-8; figured out February) so I was a bit sad that it was sold out. So I decided I’ll pass considering someone try to sell me tickets for overprice! I decided I wouldn’t go. It wasn’t until the day of the first concert that I spontaneously and “crazy”; I decided, I WILL GO SEE DAUGHTER!

I found ticket for the next night, and… the next day, I went! I came 2 hours early, don’t ask me why. I was excited but also I didn’t know what to expect. I was kind of bummed because I couldn’t bring in my DSLR. I planned on taking some bomb shots of Daughter but the security were strict. HAHA, my phone was just as good, jokes on them! (so I thought)

I got inside and I got the very front, up close and personal with them! I made some new friends (2 ladies) that night. It was funny because one of them was beside me in line but we didn’t end up talking until randomly as we waited for the band to play. (I was also blessed to have met them cause I needed to pee… and my spot would be taken if I didn’t, so thank you ladies + the universe <3)
It finally started and my goodness, I was so amped and nervous… I realize that they were setting up, not knowing at the time completely that Elena (the lead singer) would be in front of me – Her bass.. HER BASS, I just wanted to grab it and run. (joke, kind of)
Finally, they came out and then I fell in love. I mean I was in love originally with their music, their music has always gotten me through hell. Being there felt like I was being completed and affirmed. That their music that I listen to while broken, mended my wounds that I couldn’t express on my own. I almost got kicked out four times for... putting my phone on the stage and recording, like seriously? LOL

We were caught in a state of awe, melancholic bliss I would call it; I was intensely thinking to myself while starring at Elena and the band how amazing it was to see them in such a state, they were so intense in present moment. I admire it so much how in sync with the sound of the precious flow of the music. I thought to myself, how masterful they are - captivatingly mesmerizing everybody in the room with their energy. It was so beautiful. I thought to myself, I want that so badly… Thinking about the person I wanted to become. I wanted to be masterful at something, I wanted to mesmerize people. I wanted that passion that Daughter had when they played music that touched the soul of many painful memories that all of these people had in their hearts, mind and souls.
The best part I felt was after every performance, I would wait for Elena to get off her state, to return back to reality, she was a shy and timid but kind spirit. You could barely hear her speak into the mic. I shouted “WILL YOU MARRY ME?!” LOL yup. It was adorable, she was adorable.
After the show, I was so excited, I almost left 3 times, but I wanted to stay I wanted to see them. So I stayed. I finally had the chance, to see them. I didn’t know what to say, but I did it anyway. (although I had so much to say) after 2 hours, I’m glad I stayed. I got to meet Daughter, and Elena especially. I knew they were just as human as I was, but damn, was I star struck at their ability to do such beautiful things.
I went home, fulfilled…

I just knew that listening to Daughter will never be the same ever again… 

For all the words I couldn't say in the moment:
Thank you for speaking on behalf of my torn soul, thank you on taking me on this melancholic journey and making such beautiful music. For all the awkward people who have kind and amazing spirits. You inspire us all. <3

Thank you Daughter. I will greatly remember this special birthday. 

Two Decades and One Year, The Specialness of One (P.1)

Day 82 of 366:
RECAP of my birthday week! (BEST BIRTHDAY EVER)
(March 3rd): As I was wondering how to spend my birthday, after many birthdays feeling unfulfilled, after many years of feeling depressed every single birthday since I was very young. I wanted this year to be different, I wanted to be genuinely happy this year for my birthday. I wanted to last, and be engrained into my heart.
It’s truly funny sometimes how the universe sometimes just drops things in front of your door step, asking if you would like to take it. I would just like to say, my birthday week was by far the best out of all of my birthdays.

The morning of my birthday I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do… I realized wanted to do something crazy, I wanted to jump in the snow with my shorts to start my crazy day and do new things I haven’t done (which we’ll get to in a minute!)  
I had the pleasure of being on break from school (intersession), for my birthday (March 3rd) I spend time with my friend, we skated and may I add we had the whole skating rink to ourselves, it was snowing (I love snow) the weather was perfect, not too cold, windy. So the snowflakes looked majestic as we skated. We had conversations about weird and spiritual matters and we laid in the snow! Fell so many times, while she hasn't fallen once - to my nimble foot guardian angel. :)

At night, I got to spend the most precious time with my best friend, she and I went on to be detectives! Literally, we went to an Escape Room – they basically lock you in a room to solve a challenging puzzle and every room has a theme, the objective is to go through all the clues, figure out the puzzle to get access to the key or password that will unlock the door. Our theme was figuring out the murderer and getting the passcode! It was absolutely fun roleplaying, my friend was terrified of the idea of fake blood and the saw type music. But it was fun, being locked in a room with my favorite person.

Although we didn’t figure it out (we had help) it was the best time in there, we made many great inside jokes and had fun with each other being silly. (especially me) We then went off to paint (for the first time since kindergarten) I mean we loved it, it felt really enjoyable just feeling like a big sized kid again (meaning I wasn’t the best at painting) so it felt really nice to get creative. Added, it’s a great place to for couples. (Just in case you want some ideas!)

Ended the night with a sweet goodbye! (March 3rd complete)