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Aspiration, Inspiration and Expiration - (Part 1 of 3: Aspiration)


'Aspiration, Inspiration, and Expiration

This entry is dedicated to all who seeks the understanding of their own life through mutual understanding...

Blogger's note
Greetings, although I may have been busy achieving many things in life, 
such as the achieving the 'starring at life blankly' award (sarcasm btw!), figuring out my life, realizing many things as to what my next steps are, and meeting many figures in life that continue to both aspire and inspire me through hard times in life. It's all very amazing, my journey is starting to feel all too real, finally... 
The moment that brings and reminds my heart and soul;
 my wondrous curiosity and joy of my playful heart is returning home... 
Some of these questions were meant to provoke the very inner being and aspiration in all of us. 
So take the time to stop and think, as you stop and contemplate on something rather important, remember all the feelings and thoughts that ponder your sub-conscious wonderland. 

 Part One
 How many of us had a dream? Something we wanted to fulfill or thought of change? 
Many of us understand that the hardest things in life are the one's we have to work for. Many of us understand that everything in life is given and gotten through effort alone. 
But how much effort is needed in order to achieve our dreams? 
I say  
'above and beyond your misconception alone.'

  "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." - Winston Churchill
Someone important once told me, 
"everything in this world, everything you see in this very moment; past, present and future all around you, all of which you perceive is made of an idea, a thought, or an intention. Everything is intention; what we think and believe and what we do shapes the way life is shaped. 
Whatever we create in our mind, has the potential to be shaped into reality."
As the aspiring comedian and actor, Jim Carrey would put it, 
"It's our intention, intention is everything. Nothing is ever accomplished without intention."

With that being said, 
many things in our lives seem very complicated to achieve, maybe we're not good enough, maybe we were never good enough. Who am I to be? 
We come to an age where society's stigmatizes towards individuals' dreams of abnormality - many of our passions are frown as unrealistic or unachievable; we're told we can do anything, we can do whatever makes us happy, but then when we hit teenage years, we're told that we should be realistic, be a something that the world needs. 
Well, what does the world need? 
People who don't believe their full potentials and follow what society expects of them?
or, people who go above and beyond that potential and beyond all expectations?  

We live in a world that perpetuates the very ideas that make us unhappy at times, 
if we're not happy we become depressed and unsatisfied with life and give up on our dreams entirely.
Truth is, all there will ever be of our dreams are the ones in our heads, the ones who make their dreams come true, are the ones who chase it, create it, and share it.
 No matter what we do, we're never satisfied, throw away that comparative process of comparing yourself to the world, compare yourself to your own expectations, your world is what makes reality real. If we can turn a "my" mentality into a "our" mentality - aspiration would be our embodiment of external reality.
Something I've said once before - "I wish to turn"my" internal reality into "our" external reality." Because again, this world and universe was not meant for a "me" mentality, but a "we" mentality.
 We are oneness, we share the same happiness and sadness, why not share the love and experience we all embody? 

Change what you cannot accept and accept what you cannot change.
The world is waiting for the generation of change, so what will you do? Wait for the world to change, or take that first step of your own inner change?
Your wonderland is everything.
"A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step." - Lao-Tzu

Something to think about:
"What aspires you to achieve your dreams? Is it your family? Your friends? The people of the world? Whatever your reasons may be, find it, most importantly that comes from within, your own inner-self. Find your dreams within yourself and you will find the reason for why you try.

Key: Optimism and perspective will enable larger understanding of perception.

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